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Periodontal Maintenance
Princeton, NJ

Diagram of periodontitis and health tooth from Prosthodontics of Princeton in Princeton, NJPeriodontal maintenance, as complex as it may sound, is far from it. Periodontal maintenance is known simply as ‘teeth cleaning’ to many that occurs during a regular dental exam. It is the thorough washing, scouring, and cleansing of the teeth and gums. With that said, it is quite common to have patients confuse periodontal maintenance with what is automatically perceived as a ‘regular cleaning’ check up. It is easy to muddle the two and this is why our professionals at Prosthodontics of Princeton work with you to understand clearly what periodontal maintenance is and how you can benefit greatly from the simple procedure.

Understanding What It Is And How it Works

Periodontal maintenance is a necessary treatment that assists in the prevention of periodontal disease. Such a disease, along with gingivitis, can occur when bacteria, caused by plaque, is trapped and forms on the gum tissue, above either the upper or lower gum line in the mouth. This bacteria buildup can further cause inflammation that can become chronic if serious. As a defense mechanism, this triggers the body to react by eradicating the inflamed gum, potentially weakening bone tissue along the way. This can cause teeth misplacement, making them weak and unstable, which can cause them to fall out. This further deepens the pockets between the teeth and gums, allowing for the open space to be further prone to more bacteria which can then travel throughout the bloodstream, potentially infecting other areas of the body. When tooth loss occurs, other tooth restorations are needed, such as the placement of veneers and dental crowns.

As serious as such a case can be, this is why it is important to have periodontal maintenance done on our teeth and gums. It is an effective procedure to help maintain a good, healthy oral and bone cavity to prevent gum disease and the need for additional dental treatments.

A complete procedure, which is usually followed by a periodontal therapy session and evaluation, ensures the removal of the plaque and tartar along the gum line, accompanied by polishing the rough areas around the roots. Pocket depths should be attentively monitored if no immediate danger arises. Maintenance is expected to be performed at least every three to four months, depending on the person, their plaque or tartar buildup, the state of their inflammation, or how well they maintain a healthy routine of their teeth and gums.

Further Benefits of Getting Periodontal Maintenance

Constant periodontal maintenance can lead to the elimination of unwelcomed yellow teeth stains and can help restore them back to their original healthy state. Getting rid of periodontal disease also means eradicating persistent bad breath or halitosis. Many people fall victim to halitosis from either food lodged between the gums or from gum and periodontal infections. Also, the link between chronic inflammation in the gumline and diabetes and heart disease is ever prevalent. Upkeeping regular maintenance can possibly lessen the chances of such illnesses.

With all of the benefits present before you, we encourage you to contact our office at Prosthodontics of Princeton and give us a quick call at (609) 924-1975 on how we can assist with your next dental exam. Or if you prefer, consult with one of the experts here to learn even more about regular periodontal maintenance. Gum disease may not be irreversible, so, let’s see how we can protect your teeth and gums against the threat of this ailment with periodontal maintenance.


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Periodontal Maintenance • Prosthodontics of Princeton
Our professionals at Prosthodontics of Princeton work with you to understand clearly what periodontal maintenance is and how you can benefit! Call today!
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