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3D rendering of overdentures in a mouth from Prosthodontics of Princeton in Princeton, NJThere are a number of ways the loss of natural teeth, whether due to decay or an accident, can take a toll on your life. The loss of teeth can impact your ability to speak with clarity and eat meals like you once did. Without the ability to chew correctly, your nutrition and digestion will begin to be impacted. Furthermore, you will see a decrease in your confidence levels.

Tooth loss can also take a toll on the health of the bone in your jaw, resulting in bone loss and changes in your appearance. Full dentures have long been the traditional choice for replacing missing teeth. However, dentures are not always the right choice for every patient. At Prosthodontics of Princeton we offer an alternative to the traditional denture solution, with overdentures.

What Are Overdentures?

Overdentures are a prosthetic solution used to replace either an upper or lower arch of teeth. They are supported by dental implants, which are titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone. These dentures are slightly different from other implant-supported dentures in that they can be removed at the end of the day.

Prior to getting the overdentures placed, any remaining unhealthy teeth will need to be extracted. The healing process can take several months, at which stage the final restoration process can begin. A temporary removable appliance may be required until further treatment can be accomplished. Implants will be strategically placed, and, once osseointegration has taken place, the implants will be ready to aid in the retention of the overdenture. The overdenture is then constructed to attach to the underlying implants with special connections called attachments. The final overdenture will have greatly increased stability compared to a full denture appliance.

Overdenture Options

There are several options for overdentures. The option that is right for you will be determined by our dentist at Prosthodontics of Princeton during your consultation. Implant-supported dentures are the most popular option for overdentures. This option will use a minimum of four implants to support the replacement teeth. Bar-retained overdentures will require fewer implant posts, each of which will be connected by a titanium bar. This is the choice used at times when there may not be sufficient bone in the jaw. The prosthetic teeth will clip onto the bar.

The Benefits of Overdentures

There are significant benefits to overdentures, including the fact that the dentures are firmly secured. They will not feel loose or shift when you are talking or eating your favorite foods. These dentures offer much more stability, which means they are much less likely to slip when biting or chewing foods typically advised against for those with traditional dentures.

Another benefit is that patients report that there is much less soreness with these types of denture solutions, as there is less rubbing against the gums. The prosthetic will be supported by the dental implants rather than the gums which can help avoid the discomfort of pressure on the gums.

Caring for prosthetic teeth is quite simple. Brush, floss and use denture-safe products to ensure that there is no damage to the prosthetic. To find out if overdentures are the right choice for you, call Prosthodontics of Princeton at (609) 924-1975.


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Caring for prosthetic teeth is quite simple. To find out if overdentures are the right choice for you, call Prosthodontics of Princeton today!
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