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Night Guards / Bruxism
Princeton, NJ

Image of a night guard at Prosthodontics of Princeton in Princeton, NJA Night Guard is a plastic covering that is worn over the teeth for protection from the harmful effects of grinding or bruxism. There are three major types of Night Guards: stock protectors, boil and bite protectors, and custom-fit protectors. The first two options are store-bought and are usually bulky, uncomfortable, and less effective than the custom-fit alternative. At Prosthodontics of Princeton, we specialize in custom-fit Night Guards because we believe they are the ideal solution.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, affects roughly 30 to 40 million Americans. Bruxism can have a variety of causes from stress and anxiety to malocclusions (misaligned bites). In rare cases, bruxism can be the result of certain diseases or medications. More often than not, most people are unaware that they suffer from bruxism because it happens during sleep. This is referred to as nocturnal bruxism.

If bruxism remains untreated, it can cause the outer layers of the enamel to wear away. It can also damage existing dental fillings and dental crowns. Bruxism may also damage the temporomandibular joint itself. It is important to treat the disorder before it causes major damage.

Those with bruxism may experience the following symptoms:
•  TMJ disorders or pain in the jaw
•  Swelling on the side of the lower jaw
•  Damaged teeth or broken dental appliances
•  Persistent facial pain
•  Rhythmic contractions of the jaw muscles
•  Morning headaches
•  Grinding sounds during sleep, usually reported by a sleep partner
•  Pain or discomfort when opening the mouth

Why You May Need a Night Guard

A Night Guard is one of the best ways to treat nocturnal bruxism. The plastic appliance will shield your enamel from the pressures of your bite. The appliance will also help protect the jaw joint because, due to the thickness of the Night Guard, it will not allow the mandible (jaw bone) to compress the joint space which could lead to clicking and deterioration. Your Night Guard may take some getting used to, but after about a week it will begin to feel normal. Because it is custom-fit, you should not experience any pain or discomfort. If you chose not to wear a Night Guard, you might be putting yourself at risk for serious complications later down the line. Stress-reduction techniques are also a popular way to reduce the harmful effects of bruxism.

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Prosthodontics of Princeton specializes in custom-fit nightguards. They are the ideal solution to protecting teeth from the harmful effects of grinding or bruxism.
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