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Anterior Bridges
Princeton, NJ

graphic of bridge from Prosthodontics of Princeton in Princeton, NJWhether as the result of decay, periodontal disease or an accident involving the face, lost teeth can lead to a host of concerns for the patient. Simple tasks once taken for granted, such as speaking with clarity and eating, can become challenging. The loss of just one tooth can also take a toll on your confidence levels. When anterior teeth are involved, the urgency of getting them replaced is greatly increased. At Prosthodontics of Princeton, we recognize the need to achieve an aesthetic success when replacing missing anterior teeth. We strive to restore both the aesthetics and the function of your smile. There are a number of options for replacing missing teeth, one of these is the anterior dental bridge.

What Are the Anterior Teeth

When you smile at your reflection in the mirror, you will see some of the teeth known as anterior teeth. In total, there are twelve anterior teeth. This includes the top and bottom incisors and the top and bottom canine teeth. These teeth are highly visible and perform a number of functions for our ability to eat and speak with clarity. Those people with broad smiles will also need to include the premolars for the best aesthetic results.

What Is an Anterior Bridge

The anterior dental bridge is a prosthetic that bridges the gap that is left when one or more teeth are missing in the anterior portion of the mouth.

There are several options for anterior bridges. For strength and durability, a porcelain fused to gold bridge is often used to replace a missing anterior tooth. This type of bridge supplies the needed esthetics with the additional strength for a long term solution. All porcelain bridges made of zirconia are also a consideration for certain patients

Benefits of Anterior Dental Bridges

The primary benefit of an anterior bridge is that it will restore your complete smile, which will help to restore your levels of confidence and give you the function that you need.

The Process for Getting an Anterior Bridge

The process for an anterior bridge is similar to a bridge in other parts of the mouth except that a processed temporary will almost always be used to ensure the aesthetics of the temporary restoration which could be in the mouth for a few months.

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At Prosthodontics of Princeton, we recognize the need to achieve aesthetic success when replacing missing anterior teeth. Schedule a consultation today!
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