Valentine’s Precautions For Your Teeth

Valentine's Day smile

Valentine’s Day – yet another time of the year where candy and chocolate sales shoot through the roof. All of us here at Prosthodontics of Princeton care about your beautiful smile and want to help you make smart choices this Valentine’s Day. We have gathered together a list of 8 tips to help you keep your teeth healthy during this tempting time of sweet indulgence.

1. Choose Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is surprisingly a healthier option for you. It contains more antioxidants than any other chocolate, which helps protect your teeth from plaque. Take advantage of those dark chocolate sales!

2. Brush Before & After You Eat Sugar: Even after eating dark chocolate, it is important to brush your teeth before and after consuming sugar. The longer sugar is in contact with your teeth, the higher risk you are for getting cavities and tooth decay.

3. Floss After Meals: Make sure you take a couple of seconds out of your night to floss and clean all of those nooks and crannies in your mouth. Anything high in fiber or sugar can settle into small spaces.

4. Drink Water: Water is a great quick cleanser if you just can’t quite get to the restroom to brush right after a meal or dessert. Not only will staying hydrated benefit your oral health but also prevent dry mouth and bad breath.

5. Alcohol in Moderation: We encourage you to celebrate with some bubbly, however, be mindful of how much you consume. Alcoholic drinks are still high in sugar and can contribute to tooth decay. Drinking water along with your fine wine or celebratory cocktails will also help wash away some of that sugar.

6. Limit Sugary Drinks: Soda pop or even fruit juice can be harmful to your teeth. If you find yourself drinking sugary drinks often, make sure you are brushing your teeth after to clean the sugar away. Excessive amounts of sugary drinks are also harmful to your overall health.

7. Mouthwash For A Fresh Boost: Keep mouthwash handy for your romantic night to help clean your mouth. Mouthwash will not only give you fresh breath, but also help keep your teeth healthy with fluoride.

8. Increase Healthy Choices: Take your time browsing the dinner menu for healthy options or plan a healthy meal for your special night. Excessive amount of carbs are also key players in causing cavities and tooth decay. Fruits and veggies help clean your teeth and nourish your body with nutrients.

Happy Valentine’s Day From Prosthodontics of Princeton

You can still enjoy your Valentine’s Day without saying no to sweets, just as long as you are smart about the choices you make. Prosthodontics of Princeton hopes this list helps you have a successful celebration with your loved ones. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please feel free to contact us. Any of our dentists or staff members would be delighted to help you. From everyone at Prosthodontics of Princeton, we wish Princeton NJ, A Happy Valentine’s Day!