Valentine’s Day Dental Precautions

Happy Valentine's Day

Now that February is here, many of us are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is the “day of love” when people of all ages exchange flowers, candies and gifts. Many kids celebrate Valentine’s Day at home as well as at school by exchanging candy and other sweet treats to show their appreciation to their fellow classmates and friends. But eating a load of candy and other sugary foods is bad for your kids’ teeth. Prosthodontics of Princeton is a dentist office in Princeton, NJ that wants all our patients to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles. Therefore, we’d like to offer a few tips for Valentine’s Day that can help keep your kids’ teeth healthy when they’re around so many sweet and sugary treats.

Express Love Without Candy

Instead of giving your children candies and other sweet goodies as treats for Valentine’s Day, consider giving them other gifts that carry a Valentine’s theme. Some good ideas include story books, games, pencils and coloring books. Treat your kids to a night out eating pizza instead of loading them up with candy.

Set Candy-Eating Boundaries

Instead of allowing your kids to eat Valentine’s candy whenever they feel like it, set some boundaries for when these goodies can be eaten. Allow a certain amount of time during the holiday itself and then give your kids the rest over the next few days at set times. It’s a good idea to tuck uneaten candy away out of sight so your kids won’t sneak into the treats when you’re not around.

Pass Out Healthier Alternatives

If you’re having a Valentine’s Day party for your kids, instead of passing out candy, give them healthier snacks that are not as bad for their teeth. For instance, offer your kids jello, pudding, popsicles, applesauce, fresh fruits or yogurt. You can even have some fun with some food by cutting it into heart shapes like toast topped with jam and pancakes.

Remind Kids to Brush & Floss the Sugar Away

Valentine’s Day is a good time to remind your kids to brush their teeth for two minutes after eating and to floss at least once per day. Brushing and flossing well will help remove the sugar residue from teeth that causes cavities. Talk to your children about how their dentist is their friend and someone who wants them to take good care of their smiles.