Dental Health New Year’s Resolutions

As your local Princeton dentist, Prosthodontics of Princeton is dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal oral health. Through our myriad of treatments, both cosmetic and reconstructive, we can help you restore the beauty of your smile and maintain the health of your mouth. But dental care doesn’t stop with our dentists – it continues with you. An effort on your part to maintain your oral health will go a long way, so here are a few new year’s resolutions related to dental health to help you get on track to optimal oral health.

Make Healthier Diet Choices

Consumption of certain foods promote tooth decay, so it’s best to cut back on food and drinks that contain carbohydrates and acids.

Make Changes To Your Brushing & Flossing Routine

If you’re not brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily, you need to make some changes to your oral hygiene routine so you can be sure you’re combating tooth decay and gum disease. To successfully remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth, brush with a soft-bristled brush at a 45 degree angle toward the gumline. Flossing will help to remove bacteria and plaque that has built up between teeth throughout the day.

Quit Tobacco

Smoking tobacco and using other tobacco products causes many health issues, not just oral health problems. Quitting using these products is the best way to get on the path to better health and better teeth and gums.

Reconstruct Your Smile

With the new year here, maybe it’s time to unveil a new smile. Reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry services, like those offered at Prosthodontics of Princeton, can help you preserve your teeth or fix any damage they may have.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Regular visits to your local dentist can help you prevent a multitude of dental issues. Seeing your dentist every 6 months will allow you to catch a developing issue in its early stages and allow you to receive the proper treatment as recommended by the dentist.

Contact Your Princeton Dentist

So what are you waiting for? Start the new year right and contact our Princeton office to schedule your appointment to get started on your dental health resolutions. A healthy, attractive smile is a great way to start out a new year with more confidence and you’ll feel more inclined to take care of it for years to come!